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Sat Mar 6 09:01:10 UTC 2010

On Sat, 6 Mar 2010 08:46:16 -0000, "Graham Bentley" <admin at cpcnw.co.uk> wrote:
> Points very well made. In fact shouldn't we be campaigning against
> such closed source perversion of our Open Standards Internet, not
> complaining that one company doesn't make a media content viewer
> for us?

In fact, if Adobe wishes NOT to provide a "Flash" product for
the FreeBSD platform, it absolute is their right to do so. They
control the format (that's why I woulnd't call "Flash" a standard,
or an open product).

On the other hand, Adobe's product is so popular because of its
usage. They made successful marketing so that content providers
came to the tought: "This is a good product, and I need it.",
no matter if this really was the case.

Please don't get me wrong: I don't see anything particularly
bad in "Flash" itself, it is a quite closed product, as many
others. There may even be places where it is useful, but as
you will agree, animated buttons to navigate the content within
a web page is *not* such place.

The right that I admitted Adobe to have - to exclude me from
using their techology - continues to the right of the web
developer to provide content that is only viewable on an
arbitrary subset of existing OS platforms.

Let me come back to my stupid "JPG image viewer plugin".
Why is "Flash" so complicated? Why does a plugin that does
so very little (measured in how it is actually used, as I
said, for displaying video or animating buttons) seem to
hook into the system and even its kernel so deeply that
it's really hard work to make it run on an "unsupported"
platform? Imagine that JPG images could only be viewed on
x86-64 with 2.5GHz and more. That would be idiotic. And of
course, there's always the race after the most recent version
of the JPG plugin, because every year there will be a new,
incompatible format.

But because "Flash" is considered "modern technology", it
is heavily employed to create the stuff that is consumed
on the Internet most: Games (and the thing with P and three
further letters). And within a free and environment such as
the Internet, that what is required by the masses will be
produced, even if the masses wish to stick with proprietary
and dangerous stuff.

> This is exactly why Stallman harks on about freedoms etc it almost
> feels pathetic; "Please Mr Adobe, we poor FreeBSD users don't have
> a flash viewer, please make one for us too" bleat bleat

If they don't want to make one, there's no way to convince
them. Since the majority of free and standardized operating
systems isn't oriented at market share, there is no reason
for Adobe to follow a crying "Please!" :-)

> The only content I 'miss' is occasional utube vids ;
> No probs. Download as .flv and play with mplayer.

That's right - and works perfectly. Even for stand-alone
"Flash" games, there's the swfplayer program.

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