Flash viewer for FBSD

Pongthep Kulkrisada ptkrisada at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 04:43:53 UTC 2010

* daniele (glimp at live.com) wrote:
> Dont worry I wanted to try to help for what I can. I installed the 
> plugin this morning and I was curious.
Thank you again for your kind.

> It's strange though. The plugin is there. I dont know if there's a kind 
> of log somewhere to see if it "sees" it.
I also don't know. :-(

> The last option I am thinking of in this respect is this :
> From the opera web browser interface find the menu "tools" and select 
> it then -> preferences -> advanced
> Look at the "content" menu. "Enable plugins" item must be activated and 
> then the "plug-in options" must show at least this path 
> "/usr/local/lib/npapi/symlinks/linux-opera " and also inform that it 
> finds the flash plugin.
> let me know ! But for the moment I can not think of anything more :-/

The followings are all enabled.
	animated images
	sound in Web pages

JavaScript Options... blank path

Java Options... blank path

Plug-in Options...
	Detected plug-ins are blank
	Plug-in path are as followings.


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