Thousands of ssh probes

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at
Fri Mar 5 15:52:23 UTC 2010

>>>>> "John" == John  <john at> writes:

John> Yes - that's exactly what I used to do, and exactly why I used to do
John> it, but now I'm thinking of actually implement https.

Rent more than one IP. :)  I have a block of 8 for exactly that reason.

It allows me to run sshd on 443 *and* https on a different 443,
and a mailer on one 25 and a high-mx mail spamtrap on another port 25. mail is handled by 5 mail is handled by 666

The spamtrap is a shiny object for spam, and anything that goes there gets
blocked for an hour from hitting the low port.  I presented this at a
conference once.

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