Thousands of ssh probes

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Fri Mar 5 13:41:54 UTC 2010

   Hello John,

   I would suggest you just block ssh acces for everyone.

   But, to allow acces for yourself - you could install wonderfull
   It listen on specified ports (they could be closed), and, on receiving
   p   knock t   port) it dynamica   ruleset, which allows acc   to-ssh-for-extra-security/

   Friday, March 5, 2010, 3:26:04 PM, you wrote:

   > On Fri, Mar 05, 2010 at 07:03:53AM -0600, Progr   wrote:

   >> On 03/05/10 06:54, John wrote:

   >> > My nightly security logs have thousand   probes

   >> > in them.  One day, over 6500. &nb   actually

   >> > "feel" it in my network performance. &   ssh to

   >> > a non-standard port - is there a way t
   >> > day, they originate from several diffe   can't

   >> > just put in a static firewall rule. &n   ssh

   >> > to quit responding to a port or a way 
   >> > rule in cases like this?

   >> Can you not deny all ssh attempts and then    certain,

   >> trusted IPs?

   > Ah, I should have added that I travel a fair am
   > have to get to my systems via hotel WiFi or Air
   > impossible to predict my originating IP address
   > that were not the case, this would be an excell
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