RS232 / TCP converter and BSD.

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Thu Mar 4 21:32:25 UTC 2010

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> Subject: Re: RS232 / TCP converter and BSD. 
> Chuck Swiger writes:
> > Data centers use that for serial connections to stuff like Cisco routers
> > and other terminal applications all the time. However, if the device is
> > truly RS-232 rather than 422/423, it's nominally out of spec past 50 
> > meters
> > and possibly won't go past 9600 baud.
> 	I was wondering about that when I wrote my long-winded
> response. I was confused and thought the maximum length for
> RS-232 was longer than it is. 70 meters is almost 25% out of
> range which is kind of pushing things.

The 'standard' way to get around that distance limitation is to use a
"RS-232 to current-loop" adapter, often referred to as a 'short haul modem'.
see: <>

for one example from a quality, but fairly pricey, source.

Note: you need one of these on each end of the wire.

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