Booting MFS from Secondary Partition

Martin McCormick martin at
Thu Mar 4 17:17:55 UTC 2010

I have hit one of these impenetrable walls in which nothing
seems to work but I know it should. I have tried several
versions of /boot.config to no avail. The idea is exactly the
same principle as described in depenguinator which is software
that lets one use grub in Linux to install FreeBSD on a working
Linux system. The idea is to steal the swap partition, put mfsboot
there, and then tell grub to boot from that partition rather than the
normal active one.

	The manual for boot.config makes me think I should be
able to just put in the information describing the secondary
partition and it should cause a boot from that one but:

/boot.config: 1:ad(0,b)/boot/loader -P

FreeBSD/i386 boot
Default: 1:ad(0,b)/boot/loader
error 1 lba 0
No /boot/loader

	The mfsboot image works when started from the primary
partition so I am stuck as to why boot.config is not starting
from that secondary partition.
The present boot.config is:

1:ad(0,b)/boot/loader -P

	If mfsbsd was starting, shouldn't it see its boot

	Is there a mfsbsd discussion list? Surely, somebody else
has hit this brick wall, also.

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