Solved - Was: Ports: Can I share the port options in /var/db/ports?

Christopher Hilton chris at
Thu Mar 4 16:13:17 UTC 2010

On Mar 4, 2010, at 11:07 AM, Christopher Hilton wrote:

> I'm sharing my /usr/ports directory via NFS among several machines. One problem that I have is with port options set in /var/db/ports. Is there a ports environment variable that I could set in /etc/make.conf which would force these to be somewhere in /usr/ports/vindaloo-port-options so that setting options on one machine would carry through to others sharing my build environment?

A little creative greping found it. Sorry to bother the list should have grepped first.

# PORT_DBDIR    - Where port configuration options are recorded.
#                                 Default: /var/db/ports

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