RS232 / TCP converter and BSD.

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Thu Mar 4 16:09:44 UTC 2010

Olivier GARNIER wrote:
> I have a weather station (Lacross WS2350). (can be connect by USB / RS232).
> I want to get data from a FreeBSD server 70 meter from the weather 
> station (with software).
> I already have a RJ45 cable between the two objects.

You can simply connect a RS-232 serial port via ethernet cable using 9-pin DIN 
to RJ-45 connector adaptors at both ends.  No need to convert the serial data 
stream into TCP/IP over ethernet.

Data centers use that for serial connections to stuff like Cisco routers and 
other terminal applications all the time.  However, if the device is truly 
RS-232 rather than 422/423, it's nominally out of spec past 50 meters and 
possibly won't go past 9600 baud.


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