RS232 / TCP converter and BSD.

Olivier GARNIER oli.garnier at
Thu Mar 4 11:07:36 UTC 2010


I have a weather station (Lacross WS2350). (can be connect by USB / RS232).
I want to get data from a FreeBSD server 70 meter from the weather 
station (with software).
I already have a RJ45 cable between the two objects.

I wish i could get a RS232 to RJ45 connecter like this one :
And use it to connect the weather station to the RJ45 network, and then 
get data from my BSD.

The bad point is that the soft witch are given with the RS232 to RJ45 
translater are for windows, and it make a virtual port on windows.
I don't know if it will work on BSD.
If it does not work, i'll be oblige to buy another RJ45 to RS232 
translater... and it's not cheap.

Has anybody already done a such network ?



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