Suitable laptop for FreeBSD?

Bas v.d. Wiel bas at
Wed Mar 3 15:59:04 UTC 2010

Aaron Lewis wrote:
>> Umm... that's incorrect.  Maybe you mean ATI doesn't supply closed 
>> drivers for FreeBSD (although they do have Linux drivers, I think).
> Well , the opensource ati driver doesn't work for me , no matter linux 
> or FreeBSD , it crashes
> I've read the documents , and found my ATI is on the support list , 
> but it just don't work ;-(
>> Are you saying the R400 has both integrated and discrete video cards? 
>> Lenovo's web site doesn't seem very oriented to telling potential 
>> customers details about their newer computers.
>> -Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA
> I bought it in china , you'll had to know R400 has lots of types , 
> mine is 2784a18.
> Of course you can choose to buy an energy-save laptop , which has on 
> independent Video Cards ,
> Just an build-in intel Video Card , it's better for power saving someway.
It's very strange that your machine should crash so early in its boot 
process. I don't own any ATI hardware so I'm not entirely sure on this, 
but my impression is that booting into the console should work with just 
about any kind of video hardware. Does Windows actually work with the 
ATI card? I'm beginning to suspect broken hardware here..


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