Suitable laptop for FreeBSD?

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Wed Mar 3 15:17:25 UTC 2010

Programmer In Training wrote:
> On 03/03/10 16:15, Aaron Lewis wrote:
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>> Here's some suggestions ,  don't choose ATI video cards.  ( No UNIX
>> Drivers .. )
>> Well , i'm on ThinkPad R400 , ATI Mobile HD 3400 and an integrated Video
>> Card ,
>> FBSD doesn't boot when i switched to ATI Video card.
> Is this only true of more recent ATI devices, or is this only affecting
> laptops with ATI cards? I only ask because I'm running an ATI card for
> my desktop with no problems. If this is true for more recent ATI cards
> only, this puts a crimp in my plans for my "super"-computer.
Yeah , it's too new, the open-source driver will not support it.

Well , that's because my Thinkpad has two video card , one ATI , one 
Intel integrated card.
The Default OS is Vista , it supports switch between these two without 
changing BIOS settings.
But i kick windows off my laptop , i'm using Linux with ATI card someway ;-)
So in my BIOS , i disabled intel integrated video card , only use ATI.
Then FBSD hangs after boot menu , can't load kernel ;- (

Strongly recommand you try out NVIDIA , at least it has FreeBSD and 
Solaris drivers

ATI has a bad support for Linux/UNIX ..

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