Suitable laptop for FreeBSD?

Aaron Lewis aaron.lewis1989 at
Wed Mar 3 14:15:36 UTC 2010

On 3/3/2010 1:48 AM, Andreas Davour wrote:
> I am thinking of buying a new laptop, and want one which will work 
> fine with FBSD. Anyone have any suggestions?
> It must have a connector for a external screen (i.e. a projector when 
> doing presentations), wireless, ~15" screen, lots of memory, and 
> optical unit, and preferable a long battery time (i.e. CPU speed is 
> not that important).
> Webpages, own experiences or any other comparisons available?
> Please cc me if answering.
> /andreas
You May want to checkout this list:

Here's some suggestions ,  don't choose ATI video cards.  ( No UNIX 
Drivers .. )

Well , i'm on ThinkPad R400 , ATI Mobile HD 3400 and an integrated Video 
Card ,
FBSD doesn't boot when i switched to ATI Video card.

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