Lost audio after new Video card installation

Carmel carmel_ny at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 2 00:42:23 UTC 2010

I was attempting to upgrade a Gateway GT5220 PC. The machine was
running FreeBSD-7.2 successfully. The sound system was functioning
correctly and gMplayer and Mplayer worked fine. The machine was using a
nVidia GeForce 6150 LE on-board card. I installed a nVidia GeForce GT
220 card. The old on-board card did not support DVI.

Now, the video is fine; however, there is no audio. Mplayer and
gMplayer both freeze when attempting to play or view anything.

I have no idea how to debug this. Since I did not touch the audio, I
cannot figure it out.

I did have a script that ran upon boot-up:

/sbin/sysctl hw.snd.pcm0.vchans=4
/sbin/sysctl dev.pcm.0.play.vchans=4
/sbin/sysctl dev.pcm.0.rec.vchans=4
/sbin/sysctl hw.snd.maxautovchans=16
mixer vol 100:100 pcm 100:100 speaker 100:100 line 100:100 mic 0:0 cd 100:100  =rec mic

Previously, it ran without incident. Now, it produces this output:

sysctl: unknown oid 'hw.snd.pcm0.vchans'
dev.pcm.0.play.vchans: 4 -> 4
sysctl: dev.pcm.0.rec.vchans: Operation not supported by device
hw.snd.maxautovchans: 16 -> 16
mixer: unknown device: vol
usage: mixer [-f device] [-s | -S] [dev [+|-][voll[:[+|-]volr]] ...
       mixer [-f device] [-s | -S] recsrc ...
       mixer [-f device] [-s | -S] {^|+|-|=}rec rdev ...

This is from 'dmesg'

dmesg -a|grep -i -A8 -B2 220
pci3: <ACPI PCI bus> on pcib3
vgapci0: <VGA-compatible display> port 0xbc00-0xbc7f mem 0xfb000000-0xfbffffff,0xd0000000-0xdfffffff,0xee000000-0xefffffff irq 16 at device 0.0 on pci3
nvidia0: <GeForce GT 220> on vgapci0
vgapci0: child nvidia0 requested pci_enable_busmaster
vgapci0: child nvidia0 requested pci_enable_io
vgapci0: child nvidia0 requested pci_enable_io
nvidia0: [GIANT-LOCKED]
nvidia0: [ITHREAD]
hdac0: <NVidia (Unknown) High Definition Audio Controller> mem 0xfcffc000-0xfcffffff irq 16 at device 0.1 on pci3
hdac0: HDA Driver Revision: 20090624_0136
hdac0: [ITHREAD]

I would really appreciate any assistance I could get. I really would
like the audio to work on this machine again.

carmel_ny at hotmail.com


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