spreculative: /bin2 & /usr/bin2 and alternative package/ports trees?

Chris Telting christopher-ml at telting.org
Mon Mar 1 17:18:31 UTC 2010

Just wondering if anyone cares to share their thoughts about this.

There are a few ports that I would love to see included in the base tree 
such as OpenLDAP and the Openbsd pdksh or bash.  But It hasn't happened 
and isn't likely to happen.  So I was thinking about the pkg 
infrastructure.  The location of the pkg file database I believe can be 
specified.  And the installation directories I believe can also be 
specified.  Other than that paths would have to be changed for binaries 
and libraries and probably share and other installation points.

This should allow separate package trees meaning that when I delete and 
reinstall my main ports these programs will not be affected and the 
package database info for these will not be screwed up.

Is it possible and if it is has anyone implemented it on their own systems?

Or have people simply taken to installing ports in the main directories?


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