Eject CD

Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at cs.ait.ac.th
Mon Mar 1 01:27:06 UTC 2010


> > What in a standard installation of FreeBSD, on a server running only
> > MySQL and Postgress, could cause the CD tray to open by itself from
> > time to time?
> Dodgy hardware?  If the manual eject button is a bit sticky, it could
> have that effect.  Seems the most likely explanation to me.

Sticky button, I don't think so, I must have used that CD drive twice,
only to run FreeBSD installation CD. Faulty hardware? Possibly, it
happens on both machines with tha mother board and never on others.

> Otherwise, you'ld have to send a specific command to the device to make
> it open up -- something that would be pretty unlikely to happen
> randomly.  Unless you're running any applications that understand how to
> make the CD eject?  Something along the lines of
> camcontrol/atacontrol/cdcontrol?  Perhaps hald/dbus -- not that there's
> any reason to run those on a dedicated DB server?

I am not running any of these, as far as I know, it could be an SCSI
bus reset? But then it is hardware and back to the above explanation.

Thanks anyway.


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