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>> Hello FreeBSD, i'm new comer=A0to FreeBSD, =0AIs=A0FreeBSD Completely Free =
>> for USE?
> NO.
> You have to read, *understand*, and agree to the license terms.

There is no such stipulation.  He only has to abide by the copyright
terms -- which is obviously a lot easier to do if he can read and
understand them, but not too hard even if he can't.

Whether or not he agrees with them is a matter of philosophical interest
only, so long as he keeps to the terms.  Not that the FreeBSD license
has anything in it that would be thought objectionable by any reasonable
person.  Basically it boils down to: do what you want with this, so long
as you keep the license text with any derived works and so long as you
credit the original authors with creating it; Oh, and don't try to sue
FreeBSD if it all goes horribly wrong.

Practically speaking the answer to the OP's original question is "Yes.
You can use this freely."



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