move back to preceding ports ?

Peter Boosten peter at
Tue Jun 29 12:02:19 UTC 2010

On 29 jun 2010, at 13:56, Frank Bonnet wrote:

> I've always used cvsup to maintain the ports tree up to date
> cvsup -g -L 2 ports-supfile ( with all options )

Yeah, that takes care of the ports... but do you recompile dependancies
as well?

For instance:

ra% pkg_info -r openldap-sasl-server-2.4.22
Information for openldap-sasl-server-2.4.22:

Depends on:
Dependency: cyrus-sasl-2.1.23
Dependency: openldap-sasl-client-2.4.22
Dependency: libltdl-2.2.6b
Dependency: db46-


Peter Boosten

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