Boot to ZFS on FreeBSD 7.3

Dan D Niles dan at
Mon Jun 28 21:14:03 UTC 2010

The release notes for FreeBSD 7.3 said that it could boot to zfs.  I did
not see any options for doing that via the normal install.  I followed
the instructions here:

When I reboot, I get:

can't load 'kernel'

I wiped the disk and tried again to verify I didn't miss a step.  Same

I saw a suggestion that zfs.cache needed to be copied.  I did that
during the setup, but I tried doing it again from Fixit.  Same result.
The other suggestion I saw was to do section 2 step 7 "again."  That
shouldn't be necessary for 7.3, but I tried it anyway.  Still seeing
"can't load 'kernel'."

Any suggestions for getting FreeBSD 7.3 to boot to ZFS?



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