Would you recommend installing 8.1RC2?

David Rawling djr at pdconsec.net
Mon Jun 28 13:20:25 UTC 2010

On 28/06/2010 8:37 PM, Antonio Vieiro wrote:
> I'm brand new to FreeBSD. I've got 8.0-RELEASE up and running in my 
> main workstation and I'm quite happy with it. Great job & 
> congratulations.
> I'm eager to try out 8.1, and I was thinking of trying it out on my 
> laptop for my daily work (I'm currently running OpenSolaris 2009.06).
> My question is: if I install 8.1 RC2 would it be very difficult to 
> upgrade it to 8.1-RELEASE afterwards? Would you recommend installing 
> 8.1-RC2 right now or would you wait until 8.1-RELEASE is out within a 
> few days?
> Thanks in advance,
> Antonio
Hmm. Well apart from the fact that I can't find an 8.1-RC2 release 
(8.1-RC1 is the most recent I can locate) - I'd probably wait a bit - 
especially if you're a newcomer like me.

While upgrading should be easy in most cases (freebsd-update upgrade -r 
8.1-RELEASE ; freebsd-update install) ... I am having trouble with my 
8.1-RC1 x64 VM - fetching files is failing with size mismatches.

To me it appears that either my firewall/proxy, or the web server/fetch 
client cannot agree on the transmission of compressed files. I get size 
mismatches because the file gets decompressed somewhere along the way. I 
suspect the proxy but I haven't been able to prove it yet.

Still, building a test/practice machine on 8.1-RC1 is certainly a good 
plan. If nothing else you can validate your port set :)


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