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On 28/06/2010 04:42:21, perryh at wrote:
> Matthew Seaman <m.seaman at> wrote:
>> Fix your ports supfile: for ports you /always/ want HEAD ...
> s/always/almost &/
> If one wanted to download a copy of the ports tree as it existed
> when, say, 6.1 was released, specifying the corresponding tag would
> be the way to get it.  Granted one seldom wants a frozen checkpoint
> like that.

You know, practically speaking, the only people that actually need to
use anything other than HEAD in a ports supfile are the people building
the packages to go with a system release.  And they only need to do that
right around the point the release is being cut.

The whole mindset that you need to match the ports tree to the OS
version you have installed is just wrong[*].  Especially if you try and
back-rev as far as 6.1-RELEASE.  You're just going to be ignoring
several years worth of bug fixes, not to mention opening yourself to any
number of security holes that have since been discovered and closed.
Granted you cannot use the current ports tree with a 6.1-RELEASE box.
This is a hint that you really need to upgrade the OS as well as the



[*] Even if you will be installing 8.1-RELEASE on the day it is released
and using packages from the install media, you should still be checking
for updated packages and security patches.

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