Running an Old Kernel

Martin McCormick martin at
Fri Jun 25 23:46:24 UTC 2010

"b. f." writes:
> Why on earth are you tinkering with your kernels in order to change
> sudo output?  You should instead be editing configuration files
> associated with sudo and related base system utilities, or patching
> sudo.

Absolutely. I couldn't remember if this happened with the
original kernel so I wanted to put it back long enough to see if
the problem went away. If it is gone under the original kernel
and here with the patched kernel, this might tell me something
useful. I have a 8.0 system here that has a patched kernel that
is a little older and it does not exhibit that behavior. Sudo is
configured exactly the same way on both systems.

The environment looks the same. This really makes no sense so
there is something different on the system with the problem and
I just have not found it yet.


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