FreeBSD and UDF DVD/CDrom

M. Vale maurovale at
Thu Jun 24 10:07:01 UTC 2010

Hi, I'm trying to install Windows 7 on Virtualbox for testing, but the W7 is
a DVD in UDF format.

On this computer booting gentoo and ubuntu I can mount the DVD without any
problem, but on FreeBSD 8.0 after kldloading udf and trying to mount udf

mount_udf /dev/acd0t0s1 /cdrom or mount -t udf /dev/acd0t0s1 /cdrom:

mount_udf: /dev/acd0t01: Invalid argument

And running dmesg:

 kernel: FSD does not lie within the partition!

So my question is is possible to mount an UDF disk on FreeBSD or is me that
is doing something wrong ?

Thank You


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