.sh check for numeric content

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A> Receiving a variable from the command line that is suppose to contain
A> numeric values.  How do I code a test to verify the content is numeric?

   The script below will work with the Bourne or Korn shell.
   Results for "0 1 12 1234 .12 1.234 12.3 1a a1":

     0 is numeric
     1 is numeric
     12 is numeric
     1234 is numeric
     .12 is numeric
     1.234 is numeric
     12.3 is numeric
     1a is NOT numeric
     a1 is NOT numeric

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# Test an argument to see if it's numeric.  Handles decimals, but
# a minus sign in the regex will throw an error: "expr: illegal option".

export PATH

case "$#" in
    0)  echo need an argument. ; exit 1 ;;
    *)  ;;

for arg
    if expr "$arg" : "[0-9]*[\.0-9]*$" > /dev/null
        echo "$arg is numeric"
        echo "$arg is NOT numeric"

exit 0

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