before i even =touch= my server again....

Gary Kline kline at
Wed Jun 23 05:14:23 UTC 2010

a friend was over to help with things; among them was the fact that 
for unknown reasons, my KVM wired don't worse consistantly from my
single keyboad to my [new{2009}] server.  things happened so that we
didn't double-check before my friend left.  

mail broke for unknown reasons.  i KVM'd into ethic and fired up
dovecot.  no-joy.  then i figured a theraputic reboot was in order. 
Disaster.  all hell broke loose.  i lost keyboard connection to ethic
and coul not ssh in from tao.   long-story-short, after bugging my wife
to reboot umpteen time i got under desk four or five time and got ethic
limping along.   fsck seemed to fix most slices, but a check as root 
told me the /var was//IS still dirty.   Q:  how can i umount /var 
and run fsck -y without going single-user?  remember that in order to 
regain keyboard control of ethic i have to crawl under deskm, muck
around, etc.

an hour+ ago i tried to umount /var AND umount /dev/ad4s2d and keep
getting a busy.  for obvious reasons that my logs are being written to
constantly.  how does fsck work, backgrounded? 

[[note that shutting of /etc/mail wouldn't work because my /var/log
directory is constantly filling up with the kiddie cracker output.]]

thanks for any ideas,


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