Copy a FreeBSD 8* install to larger HD

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Wed Jun 23 03:17:44 UTC 2010

Al Plant wrote:
> Aloha,
> I am looking for the easiest way to copy a fresh working FreeBSD 8* HD 
> install (Manolis version) to a bigger HD that I found.
> I plan to have the new  HD in the same box for doing this copy.
> Can I use sysinstall to make the new default slices on the big HD and 
> then move the OS and directories/files to them?

Last time I did this, it worked fine ... just make sure the "slices" (right term?)
correspond with your /etc/fstab, or you'll end up in single user or even
stuck at a boot prompt with the new drive the first time out.

> What command (utility) do I use? dd or cp or some other to copy the files.

I'd recommend dump and restore ... possibly piping dump *to* restore,
something like:

dump -0 -a -L -u -f - /usr | ( cd /newusr ; restore -ruf - )


> Thanks....

You're welcome :-)

Kevin Kinsey

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