Problems with EeePC 1005HA wireless (Wireless Atheros 9285)

Iván Zaera Avellón izaera at
Tue Jun 22 07:04:02 UTC 2010

Hello everybody. I sent this mail to freebsd-stable and didn't get any
answer, so I'm retrying
in freebsd-questions to see if I have more luck as the audience is supposed
to be broader.


I'm new to the list, so hello everybody and pleased to meet you all.

I have installed the recent 8.1 BETA 1 on an Eee PC 1005HA and I'm
experiencing problems
with the wireless card. It is correctly recognized and configured. I have an
ath0 device and I
can create an wlan0 without problems. I can even scan with wlan0 and
sometimes I see my
wireless router. The problem is when wpa_supplicant tries to register with
the network that it
fails. BTW, I have a WEP system with long key (13 hex digits).

I have sniffed the wireless network with another computer and the packets
seem to be all
correct: the Eee PC sends correct packets to the air, and the wifi router
replies them correctly,
but wpa_supplicant reports "registration timed out", as if it wasn't
receiving the packets.

It is nevertheless very strange because around 2-3 weeks ago I had the
STABLE branch installed
on the same Eee PC and the wifi worked (not always, but it succedeed always
when it was near
the router and the PC was just being rebooted).

Does anybody experience the same problem or has any hint on what could be

I have compiled my kernel with AH_DEBUG and ATH_DEBUG so I can also send
dmesg traces
if anyone can analyze them.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Ivan Zaera

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