Booting multiple choice, and pause to read bootup info

J. Porter Clark jpc at
Tue Jun 22 01:36:17 UTC 2010

1. I'd like to be able to expand the list of choices in the
boot menu (the menu with single user mode, safe mode, etc.) to
include booting in any of several different environments, e.g.,
home wired, home wireless, work wired, work wireless.  Hacking
the FORTH code isn't entirely out of the question, but before
I even try it, I need to know how I could tell the system to
switch among different rc.conf files (if that's even possible)
from the loader.  Offhand, I don't see a mechanism for doing so.
Cleverer ideas welcome.

2. Usually, when the system boots, there are several lines
showing the kernel and various modules loading, possibly with
diagnostics.  Is there a way to pause after that stage, so that
those lines can be read?  Or is there any way to retrieve them
after the system has booted?

J. Porter Clark      <jpc at>

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