Why gdb isn't updated from 2004?

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Mon Jun 21 22:52:43 UTC 2010

On Jun 21, 2010, at 3:42 PM, Yuri wrote:
> I see. Then my question would morph into this one:
> Why gdb port isn't created for the latest gdb-7.1 ?

Evidently, no one has submitted it.  Perhaps the issue you've noted:

> I need gdb-7.1, GPL or not. After compiling from source I see an issue: it can't set breakpoints in the statically linked shared libraries (having debug info).

...is part of the reason.  If you do fix the issue, and feel motivated to submit these fixes with a gdb-7.1 port, well, I'm sure that would be appreciated.


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