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On 21 Jun 2010 23:12, "Alexander Best" <alexbestms at> wrote:

hi there,

i can't remember where i read this the other day, but i found this to
be a great idea. basically the idea was to have one code pool which
all the *bsd flavours share and also to which every *bsd committer has
access and can make changes. especially code in /bin, /sbin, usr/bin,
/usr/sbin or /usr/share (probably other places too) would benefit from
this a lot. right now most of the work that gets done in one of these
places by lets say dragonfly won't make it into freebsd or netbsd for
a long time. or what's even worse: sometimes people document problems
or bugs which have already been fixed in some other *bsd. if somebody
fixes the problem that's just wasted time because it's been done

would this be even possible or not at all?

Alexander Best
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