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Ruben Pollan meskio at
Mon Jun 21 17:53:29 UTC 2010

On 09:11, Mon 21 Jun 10, Chip Camden wrote:
> On Jun 20 2010 08:28, Aryeh Friedman wrote:
> > I currently am using mail/thunderbird as my mail reader and it is just
> > doing the job very well (even with heavy use of filters).... I use
> > xfce4 on 8.1-PRERELEASE (updated and portmaster -Rafd'ed about 3 weeks
> > ago).... I am looking for a good replacement suggestions.... here are
> > the minimal features I need:
> > 
> > * Gmail support
> > * Filtering (either internal or via external tool)
> > * Multiple accounts (2)
> > * Ability to send via local sendmail (my ISP blocks incoming port 25
> > thats why I am using gmail)
> > * Handle over 1000 messages a day
> > * (optional) Plain text archives (unlike how Thunderbird does it)
> You can do all of the above with mutt.

I'm a big fan of mutt, it's my main mail client since a couple of years. But I'm
not sure if is a good replacement for someone use to thunderbird.

If you are searching for something in comand line, powerful and configurable I
recomend you mutt (plus fetchmain, procmail, crm114 and msmtp). You'll need some
time to configure it, but it's worth it.

If you want something graphical without that much of configuration I recomend
you mail/claws-mail. I didn't use it in years, but before I discover mutt for me
was the best mail client.

If you want to try other things I'm lately geeking with notmuch[0] a mail client
based on search trees and tags. Really interesting, but I didn't manage to
compile it on FreeBSD jet (I didn't try hard).


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