Problem startin Bacula-BAT

Cato Myhrhagen cato.myhrhagen at
Mon Jun 21 10:38:30 UTC 2010


I have som problems getting Bacula-Bat working. Here is what i have done so

1. Installed FreeBSD 8.0 rel
2. From the ports catalogue i have installed Gnome Lite
3. Uppgraded all the ports with CVsup
4. Then I installed Bacula rel (with MySQL), altso from the ports
5. Installed BAT

I then tried to start Bat by opening Gnome, starting a teminalvindow and
typing bat, but got error message (dont have it now becouse it stoped giving
me this message). I also notised that bacula-dir prosess stopped when i
tried to start Bat. Then i checked if MySQL was running, but it wasnt even
installed (i thought it would be installed together with Bacula, but no)

Therefor i installed MySQL-server 5.0.90, started it and tried to run BAT
again. The program starts but dosent seem to work. It continues to try to
connect to the database i think. In the lover left corner of the BAT Gui i
continues to display the folloving: "Connecting to Direbtor Localhost:9010"
and then says "Connection fails"

Is there something i need to configure in BAT og Bacula to get BAT to
connect correctly?

Best regards

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