Online gaming and file downloads - latency hell!

Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at
Mon Jun 21 05:59:56 UTC 2010


 > I've read about people trying
 > to throttle outgoing ACKs to slow down their download but that still
 > wouldn't rearrange any incoming data packets so I don't see how that
 > would help. I haven't tried it myself though but neither have I read
 > about anyone successfully accomplishing this.

TCP uses a window: the maximum number of packects that you can receive
before you send an ACK. As long as ACK come flowing, the window size

Limit the ACK, you limit/reduce the size of the window, so you
limit/reduce the incoming trafic.

I beleive there could even be some nasty rewritting that would
artifically change the window size so the TCP stream is slowed down.



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