locale problems with STL (C++)

Ruben Pollan meskio at sindominio.net
Sun Jun 20 20:21:12 UTC 2010


I'm new user of FreeBSD, using it as a desktop since a week. I develop an small
ncurses tool for manage todo lists[0]. Up to now I just used on GNU/Linux

I'm trying to compile it on FreeBSD, my original Makefiles seems to be too
linux-like. I manage to compile it[1], but I have some problems with STL. I read
that there is a bug on libstdc++ and the locale[2] and gives a segfault, it
seems to be still there.

I try to compile it with stlport, it compiles without problems and runs without
segfault. But don't works with wide characters. I'm using locale to read files
encoded on the local charset, like:

wifstream file;

This code reads wrongly the wide characters. My system locale is:

[meskio at blackspot:~]$ echo $LANG

Am I missing something? I still don't understand well how locale works on C++, it 
worked well on GNU/Linux.

Any suggestion?

Thank you.

[0] http://cauterized.net/~meskio/tudu/
[1] I have a branch 'freebsd' on the git repository that compiles on freebsd,
needs devel/stlport: http://gitorious.org/tudu/tudu
[2] http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/libstdc++/2005-04/msg00021.html

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