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Sun Jun 20 13:41:09 UTC 2010

On Sun, Jun 20, 2010 at 3:43 AM, cisco Baz <cisco_baz at> wrote:
> to whom it may concernim going to make  a freebsd  such that it can act as a web url filtering gateway but i dont want use tools such as dansguardian or squidguard or ... tools that use proxy to implement url web filtering , also dont want to use firewall package in freebsd such as pf , i want to write a program such as pf but such that can filter based on layer 7 information but independent of other package even if needed change kernel , ...

Please explain _why_ you don't want to use a proxy, and _why_ you
won't/can't use packet filtering? HTTP __is in fact layer 7__, so why
the need to write your own proxy? I mean, writing a layer 7 URL
filtering is in a fact a proxy like Squid, so why do you want/need to
craft you own proxy? Perhaps, you don't want your users to know that
you are filtering them. or you don't want to set-up the proxy in each
browser? That is called an "intercepting proxy" and filters all
traffic on the gateway, and you would still use a combination of pf
and squid. If you don't want to use squidguard, or dansguardian
because of the messages they sent to the user, you can customize that
to say or redirect to another form of not authorized page. Please
explain the _why_ in your original post and perhaps it would be easier
to help you

> so can you please help me a little  ?
> best regards
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