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On Fri, 18 Jun 2010 08:21:53 +0000 (GMT), "Alexandre L." <axelbsd at> wrote:
> Why do you want to do that ?
> Packages are in this directory by default : /usr/ports/distfiles/
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> > Objet: change kde4 (pkg) to kde4 (ports)
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> > Date: Jeudi 17 juin 2010, 18h46
> > hello,
> > 
> > i have installed  kde4 via the package system.
> > how can i install the kde4 via ports system without
> > deleting the packages
> > and then compiling them?
> > 
> > thank you for answering :)

Not fully correct.

The directory /usr/ports/distfiles/ does not contain packages.
It contains distribution files, those are usually archives
full of source code and other resources that a port needs to
be processed.

To the OP:

If you've already installed KDE4 from packages, the step "make"
in the KDE4 ports directory will first generate KDE, and the
step "make install" will install it. You have to deinstall
("make deinstall") your KDE (from packages) first. To the
system, it doesn't matter if a program has been installed
from ports or packages; packages can be seen as precompiled
and compressed ports, while ports "per se" are the material
to create the programs (sources, resources, images, and so

If you want to create packages from a port (or maybe package)
you already have installed, use "make package". This will
generate a compressed archive in /usr/ports/packages/ subtree.
You can install those packages on other systems, for example,
without the need for compiling or fetching (a good solution
for off-line operations).

If this wasn't the answer you were searchig for, try to ask
in a more precise way. :-)

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