PDF storage software recommendations?

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Thu Jun 17 19:37:10 UTC 2010

On 17.06.2010 20:55, Michael W. Lucas wrote:
> We get orders for services via PDF.  We need to keep them, and call
> them up months or years later.  We'd need to find things like "all of
> the PDFs for Customer X" or "all of the PDFs for circuit ID
> such-and-such."  Surely other people have had this problem, for
> generic documents/files if not PDFs in particular...

Sounds pretty much like a database and a filestore. Database to store
all the metadata, with pointers to some machine-readable filenames for
the filestore. I seem to remember that one of my previous employers
hired some code-for-hire guys from UK setting that up (and alas bringing
Oracle salespeople inside the premises. I swear, those guys are harder
to remove than cockroaches...), but I'm sure some of the more
SQL-friendly guys than me could codify something for Postgres and give
it a nice frontend. ;)


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