mountroot error with memory based rootfs

akash kumar akashb503 at
Thu Jun 17 16:54:57 UTC 2010


I was trying to build root filesystem in to the kernel (i.e using /dev/md0) for Mips based target boards. In the process i built tool chain and kernel successfully.
But when i boot the kernel on the target, it fails to mount the md0 and drops to mountroot prompt. 

mountroot> ufs:/dev/md0
If you have invalid mount options, reboot, and first try the following from 
the loader prompt: 

set vfs.root.mountfrom.options=rw

and the remove invalid mount options from /etc/fstab.

Loader variables:

I could see that both the above variables are unset and not sure whether this is by default. As i am building a cross kernel, i can't add these options to /boot/loader.conf files which applies to current host machine.

Please help me where the above settings need to be added i.e which directory and file for the settings to effect for my target kernel build.


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