Burning CDs on FreeBSD 7.2

Mark Terribile materribile at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 17 14:24:48 UTC 2010


> > I'm using the atapicam/cdrecord solution.  But
> > when I do a dd read to verify the write, the
> > read ends on an I/O error rather
> > than an EOF.  (I'm not sure that this problem is
> > new.)  ...  There are plenty of console
> > messages, including READ_BIG retrying, READ_BIG timed
> > out, TEST_UNIT_READY freeing zombie taskqueue request,
> > and PREVENT_ALLOW taskqueue timeout - compiing request
> > directly . 

> I start wondering if this may be due to a defective drive,
> or wrong cable, or even through DMA incompatibilites...

I tried taking the drive out of the 5.4 machine.  No difference.

Also, the ATAPICAM subsystem gets into a state where the eject
program will report "drive busy" but cdrecord can still operate
the drive.  I think that in doing whatever was needed to
accomodate DVDs, the subsystem was broken.  It looks like cdrecord
manages to work around it.

> Instead of using dd (have you made sure to use the correct
> block size?) try using readcd (comes with cdrecord); see
> "man cdrecord" for details and examples.

I'll try it.  I am using the correct block size, and the data
retrieved cmp's correctly against the iso fs image used to
create the disk.  dd was means for exactly such purposes, and if
it can't work, the OS is doing a bad job.

> > This is definitely NOT reliable enough to put into a
> script
> > (which would make handling the many file names more
> reliable).

Under 5.4 I did this by script routinely.

Question is, under which category do I report this?

    Mark Terribile


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