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Quoting Polytropon <freebsd at>:

> As much as I am now a no-user of "Flash", allow me the
> following comments.
> On Tue, 15 Jun 2010 15:49:56 -0600, Programmer in Training   
> <pit at> wrote:
>> Almost all Internet video
>> has moved to flash as well (such as all the sermons on
>> which my church uses).
> That's all within transition. Currently, big video portals are
> moving to HTML5, often including the wish to also use free and
> open standards for their videos so they can access a bigger

That's a no-go, I have it on good authority that h.264 was chosen over  
Theora. That along with mpeg-la having put out a press release saying  
it won't charge royalties for "free" uses of some of it's patents  
several months ago[0], while I would love for Theora to have won out  
as the standard, once again corporate interest (this time a big push  
from Apple, from what I understand) has won out.

> audience. Keeping things in "Flash" is a no-go. A main problem
> of "Flash" is that is isn't compatible with the upcoming trend
> to move to portable devices. Only HTML5 and compliant browsers
> will be present on those platforms, and those who keep their
> sites in "Flash" will be out of scope soon.

I've only seen some examples of HTML5 sites. My own reluctance to  
start coding with it is the fact that it's still open to tons of change.

> HTML5 will be the future; "Flash" already is the past. Soon,
> it won't be important anymore. Conforming to standards will
> be the key to all those new platforms that customers are
> interested in.

You mean the ones who don't mind being told what's best for them (think iPad)?

>> Flash is buggy, I'll give you that, but "Don't
>> install it." is not an option for a lot of people.
> I had been using "Flash" in the past (on FreeBSD). It was so
> annoying that I finally completely removed it. It has become
> *the* choice of "professional web developers" to make their
> sites unusable and finally unaccessible, as well as a big
> annoyance of users, primarily due to its sheer overuse for
> advertising purposes.

I never use flash where I'm able to avoid it. I have one client  
wanting to use it for a simple transition (with affects) on one spot  
in the front page. I personally won't use the stuff for website  
development and disallow those sorts of ads. Until HTML5 support is  
universal in all browser ports (there was mention of that not being  
the case) talk of HTML5 video verges on the pointless.

Yes, Flash is old news and has been for a while. Yes, Flash is not  
portable because Adobe is a jerk and many mobile/portable device  
makers won't support it. But that's all irregardless to the OPs  
question of bugginess on FreeBSD. If the Linux emulation isn't enough  
and there is no option but to switch to an entirely different  
platform, why even provide such an option? Linux emulation takes up a  
lot of resources (space wise on the drive).

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