upgrading form 7.1-RELEASE to 8.0-RELEASE?

Tom Worster fsb at thefsb.org
Wed Jun 16 16:48:07 UTC 2010

as usual i let things slip until the servers are a couple of versions behind
and then i face the worries of upgrading.

will freebsd-update -r 8.0-RELEASE upgrade work on a 7.1-RELEASE system or
do i need to take intermediate steps?

does anyone have experience or advice they'd be willing to share?

and if all goes well, when i boot 8.0 are my deamons going to start and be

Server version: 5.0.87 FreeBSD port: mysql-server-5.0.87
Sphinx (r1533)
Server version: Apache/2.2.13 (FreeBSD)
PHP 5.2.11 with Suhosin-Patch 0.9.7 (cli) (built: Nov 20 2009 16:10:58) 

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