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On Wed, 16 Jun 2010 00:32:21 +0200
Samuel Martín Moro <faust64 at> articulated:

> Their last Linux release only exists for x86.
> Two ArchLinux mailinglists are advising users about uninstalling
> Flash from our systems.
> Flash is hardly working on BSD. And often bug on Linux.
> I spent one month, for my work, trying to correct a few of those
> crashes (we provide FreeBSD servers, our administrative intranet uses
> Flash sockets). Well, nspluginwrapper source is a complete mindfuck.
> Just wait for newer releases, and check if what you need works.
> For now, HTML5 is about to replace it, spreading on Youtube&Co., and
> we still did not knew a working version of Flash under Linux.
> The day Adobe would provide compatible softwares, they may speak about
> supporting Linux/Solaris...
> Until that, the cleanest way to proceed, is to setup a Windows VM...

FreeBSD in general suffers from a multiple of problems when it comes to
Internet usage. Flash support, as noted, sucks. JAVA doesn't even exist
for the latest versions of Firefox. Getting sound to work properly and
consistently with web browsers can be a nightmare in itself. PDF is not
consistent between browsers and usually requires way to much effort to
get installed. If the past is any indication, when HTML5 becomes a
reality, something that some experts claim may not be for another 10
years, FreeBSD may not even support it for some archaic reason.

Until FreeBSD can overcome these obstacles, anyone who requires access
to all the available features found on web sites really needs to keep
another PC handy running, in most cases anyway, Microsoft. Like it or
not, their web browser, and some other browsers ported to their
architecture, outperform web browsers on other OSs in total

Undoubtedly, posters will be blaming everyone else for these misgivings;
when in reality, to find the source of a problem one needs usually only
look in a mirror.

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