concerning flash under freebsd

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Tue Jun 15 22:43:09 UTC 2010

On Jun 15, 2010, at 3:11 PM, Programmer in Training wrote:
> Quoting Chuck Swiger <cswiger at>:
>> Adobe supports Windows, MacOSX, Linux, and Solaris (from ).  If it is  important to you that Flash works well, you should either persuade  Adobe to provide a FreeBSD version, or you should switch to using  one of the platforms on which Flash is supported.
> I had little of the problems described in the original post (aside from needing an alias for killing flash, I never actually thought of making one until now). It doesn't change the fact that "Don't install it." isn't a valid option.

Evidently so, for some people.

> I also take issue with the "well use a supported OS" schtick.

I'm not sure that last word means what you think it means.  Try reading Adobe's EULA:

"3.1 General Use. You may install and Use one copy of the Software on your Compatible Computer.  See Section 4 for important restrictions on the Use of the Software.

3.2 Server Use. This agreement does not permit you to install or Use the Software on a computer file server.  For information on Use of Software on a computer file server please refer to [ ... ]

4.1 Adobe Runtime Restrictions. You will not Use any Adobe Runtime on any non-PC device or with any embedded or device version of any operating system. For the avoidance of doubt, and by example only, you may not Use an Adobe Runtime on any (a) mobile device, set top box (STB), handheld, phone, game console, TV, DVD player, media center (other than with Windows XP Media Center Edition and its successors), electronic billboard or other digital signage, Internet appliance or other Internet-connected device, PDA, medical device, ATM, telematic device, gaming machine, home automation system, kiosk, remote control device, or any other consumer electronics device, (b) operator-based mobile, cable, satellite, or television system or (c) other closed system device. No right or license to Use any Adobe Runtime is granted for such prohibited uses."

Are you running Samba or NFS filesharing?  Or is your machine a mini-ITX box which might be considered an "Internet-connected device" rather than a normal PC?  There's a reason why the FreeBSD precompiled packages can't include Flash-- the project is forbidden from redistributing it.


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