Nanobsd not booting...

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Tue Jun 15 08:10:35 UTC 2010

Never mind - I found what I needed in the nanobsd script itself. I
needed to set the boot drive and avoid a serial console. Thanks


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I need some help with Nanobsd. I've built an image for testing
purposes with the sample conf file from the howto, and using the
generic kernel config. The build runs without errors.

After dd'ing the image to a usb stick, I can mount the partitions and
see the contents (.COPYRIGHT file and root directory for instance),
fdisk shows partition 1 marked active. But the stick won't boot - the
machine in question definitely supports usb boot (it boots the
8.0-RELEASE image off the same usb stick without problem).

It POSTs fine, then says "Verifying DMI pool data..."

And then I just get a flashing underscore.

Any thoughts as to what I've done wrong and how to fix it?


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