evince problem

Istvan Galgand igalgand at freemail.hu
Sun Jun 13 09:30:57 UTC 2010

> If you type:
> 	evince BSD_06_2010.pdf
> at a command prompt, do you see any error messages?
> Tony

Hi Tony,

You are absolutely right, I have tried this. Sorry for my forgetfulness...
The response is:

[igalgand at freebsd02 /usr/home/igalgand/Desktop/Test]$ evince BSD_06_2010.pdf

** (evince:1263): WARNING **: Error creating last_settings file: Error opening file
'/home/igalgand/.gnome2/evince/last_settings': No such file or directory

Being aware of this error message still I do not know how to mitigate, how to create the requested file.

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