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On 13/06/2010 01:49:39, Chad Perrin wrote:
> What I *do* find to be of value, however, is improving the installation
> process so that it is clearer what is going on at each step and improving
> the efficiency of it without damaging its flexibility.  I don't have any
> problem with making it easier for a new user to understand and use, as
> long as it doesn't interfere with the suitability for experts who don't
> care about whooshing noises, 3D animations, "helpful" cartoon characters,
> and the ability to use a mouse where it's not really needed.  In fact, I
> think the world would be a better place if more people used FreeBSD,
> almost regardless of their levels of technical expertise -- as long as
> the OS doesn't start catering to their demands for Clippy and spinning
> logos that take three minutes to load.

Exactly my thinking.  Style vs substance -- all the style in the world
won't help you one bit unless it's backed by real substance.
Unfortunately far too few people are capable of seeing through the
surface gloss of style to understand the substance beneath.  Style also
tends to be rather in the eye of the beholder -- one persons' "exciting
and trendy" is another's "annoying and garish"; whereas substance is

While most FreeBSD types may not have much use for glitz and glitter,
still, FreeBSD does have it's own aesthetic.  It's minimal, and spare
and it says "We're not going to pretend that this isn't complicated or
difficult.  Effort brings reward."  This is something I find incredibly
attractive; even after more than 10 years it is still refreshing.



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