freebsd - for the win

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at
Sat Jun 12 03:33:03 UTC 2010

I'm working on a project for my client, and I spent the better part of
two days trying to get my laptop running OSX to have the right
combination of BerkeleyDB and Perl modules to build what I wanted.
Turns out my Perl 5.10.1 install was incompatible with BerkeleyDB on
OSX, but the macports version 5.8.9 was also in the wrong path, ugh.

Finally, I said "hey, freebsd would do better here".

Within a half day, I had a freebsd VMWare image up and running,
executing precisely the code I wanted, and I was able to take my
development to the next round.

FreeBSD.  The Ports Just Work.  Nothing else like it.

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