lang/cmucl broken on amd64?

Michel Talon talon at
Fri Jun 11 21:13:21 UTC 2010

Martin Cracauer wrote:

> Interesting you have lower performance in SBCL.  Are you comparing a
> 64 bit SBCL with a 32 bit CMUCL? Is your SBCL binary (whichever
> bitcount) compiled with thread support?

I have a 32 bits machine, and i was using the FreeBSD sbcl port without
changing any compiling option. It is sufficient to run a number of
maxima  examples (*) to see that they run frequently faster with cmucl
(gcl was also similarly speedy) than with sbcl (sometimes considerably
faster). I think having seen similar assertions in maxima mailing list.

(*) for example this computation is appropriate

Another thing to consider is that the cmucl compiler is now able to emit
sse2 instructions, and this gives a quite substantial gain in numeric
computations under maxima, an example being eigens_by_jacobi on a large
matrix, which gets a considerable speed boost.


Michel TALON

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