threads and malloc/free on freebsd 8.0

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> The fix is to remove your second call to malloc_usable_size(z)).  Then
> neither version will crash.  Also, a useful habit to start is to
> explicitly
> zero the pointer you just free'd, to prevent it from being used
> accidentally
> later.

Made this change:

   LogMessage(DEBUG_0, "allocated %ld", malloc_usable_size(inst));
    return 0;

Still no seg fault.

The reason im am doing this is that from top I can see the memory grow as I connect to this app.
When I disconnect, the memory used ( as displayed from top ) does not decrease.

I tried:

char *chunk;
chunk = (char*) malloc(1200000);



Top show the memory for the chunk section increase and then decrease  when freed

However, the when I leave the worker thread ( close the connection ), the memory usage does not decrease.

The more connections I open and close, the faster the memory grows.

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