threads and malloc/free on freebsd 8.0

Vikash Badal Vikash.Badal at
Fri Jun 11 19:23:49 UTC 2010


I have a thread socket application that seems to be behaving strangely

In a worker thread, I have the following.

   LogMessage(DEBUG_0, "allocated %ld", malloc_usable_size(inst));
   LogMessage(DEBUG_0, "after free allocated %ld", malloc_usable_size(inst));

    return 0;

output> allocated 2304
output> after free allocated 2304

from playing around, this should have segfaulted but it didn't:

if I try this from a non threaded, non socket code:
   char *z;

   z = (char*)malloc(1000);
   printf("malloc is %ld\n", malloc_usable_size(z));
   printf("after malloc is %ld\n", malloc_usable_size(z));

Output> malloc is 1024
Output> Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Can anyone enlighten me ? why did the 2nd free not cause a segmentation fault ?

If im not clear, please forgive me.

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