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El día Friday, June 11, 2010 a las 11:30:00AM -0200, Giorgos Tsiapaliokas escribió:

> hello,
> in my machine i have gentoo and freebsd installed.
> i was using gentoo until i installed successfully FBSD,now i want to make my
> FBSD slice bigger..
> i have 4 slices:
> ad0s1->gentoo
> ad0s2->linux swap
> ad0s3->free space (no type)
> ad0s4->FBSD
> ad0s4a->/
> ad0s4b->FBSD swap
> ad0s4c->/home
> how can i make my ad0s4a and ad0s4c slices bigger?

The only way is making a DUMP to some other device (like USB) or to some
other machine in the network, boot from DVD an rescue system,
re-slice/re-size ad0s4 and RESTORE the dumps.

> P.S.: i want to take space from ad0s3

You may use the entire ad0s3 or slice it with sysinstall, make file
system(s) and mount them onto your existing system.


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